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Meridian is building a renewable energy ecosystem, powering efficient and scalable data infrastructure. Launching with trusted partners in Renewable Energy, the Meridian Blockchain deploys a resilient and secure codebase.

The design balances security, scalability and performance with a network that operates on very low energy. The Meridian Green Network powers a release of tested and capable code in a containerized and scalable environment, that integrates payment channels, databases, smart contracts, and other technologies. 



Meridian is launching with a strong portfolio of impact projects in 2019. The Network continues to expand into new green data sites, to accommodate the demand of our growing customer pipeline.


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Dope Card Ltd. is a Ghanian company, supported by the Ministry of Education in Ghana, currently working to onboard students at 24 universities with a total addressable market of over 500,000 students and 150 merchants. Their FinTech solution will benefit from Green DLT in their on-boarding process, data control, and access, among their tech savvy demographic.


screenshot 2019-01-15 00.48.16Carbon Asset is an innovative green ledger, offering storage and transfer of Carbon Offsets – on Meridian technology. This is a joint venture with Highland Energy, working together to develop a global solution offering transparent carbon neutrality for products. Running the Carbon Asset application and ledger on a green data network, strengthens the sustainability focused identity of the project.


screenshot 2019-01-15 00.48.23Supporting the launch of our clean network, BlockLAB is a Hydro powered data partner in Labrador. As a trusted network partner,  hosting a custom Meridian node cluster with high availability, and reliable low cost energy access.



Along with our first cohort of launch projects on the network, we are also working to Develop advances in our solution stack for seamless integrations into client systems and applications.



Meridian DLT has worked closely with the global launch cohort of projects joining the network ecosystem, led by developers from Bluechip firms at its Development base in Halifax, Canada.

The region supports growth of export projects to emerging markets with government programs, awarding billions annually in grants and tax credits relating to research and development, clean technology, and export guarantees.

Furthermore, Halifax is an emerging high quality hub for skilled developers and engineers, with the volume of top universities locally, providing even more opportunities to attract world class talent.

The Meridian development team includes developers with skills required to architect, build, and deploy green applications, networks and platforms.



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