Meridian operates with a disruptive group of impact projects, utilizing and supporting our ecosystem. The Network continues to expand into new green data sites to accommodate the demand of our growing ecosystem.

Our distributed network is made efficient by running custom low power servers on our own private, renewable energy powered network. Our network leverages the most successful and widely adopted smart contracts and open source developer tools over a carbon neutral network.


Screenshot-2018-09-11-23.09.51Our Carbon Offset tracking technology allows retailers to make products Carbon Neutral, while supporting green energy producers. This includes projects in Healthcare, Technology, and Retail.

Using the Meridian Blockchain as a transparent audit trail, Certified Carbon Offsets created from these green activities can be fractionalized from tonnes into grams, and distributed transparently via Smart Contract tracking.


Screenshot 2018-09-11 23.12.51Working with leaders in Efficient buildings and related data tracking, Meridian DLT offers validation of data points to support trust and confidence in tracking of performance, climate impact, and tangible results.


Screenshot 2018-09-11 23.13.00Meridian is also working in the charitable givings sector, partnering to offer solutions in Carbon Neutrality and green solutions.

Alongside a corporate givings platform, helping connect organizations to their ends recipients and engaging stakeholders along the way.



The Meridian Green Network powers a release of tested and capable code in a containerized and scalable environment, that integrates payment channels, databases, smart contracts, and other technologies

The Meridian blockchain platform is designed from the ground up to ensure it is powered efficiently by clean sources of energy, while harnessing the distributed benefits of transparency and security.