Meridian operates with a strong portfolio of impact projects using and supporting our ecosystem. The Network continues to expand into new green data sites, to accommodate the demand of our growing customer pipeline.




Carbon Asset NA is a globally scalable platform, utilizing green distributed ledger
technology to aggregate and apply carbon offsets on a global basis. Meridian leveraged its green energy backed blockchain platform to build the Carbon Asset Platform (CAP), an interactive exchange for tracking, transferring and trading certified carbon offsets. Carbon Asset NA is using distributed ledger technology to facilitate a market for fractionalized carbon offsets, linked to consumer activities.

screenshot 2019-01-15 00.48.23Supporting the launch of our clean network, BlockLAB is a Hydro powered data partner in Labrador. As a trusted network partner,  hosting a custom Meridian node cluster with high availability, and reliable low cost energy access.

Leading the way with enterprising solutions and unmatched  service in the industry, Gateway – Meridian Insurance brings clients global reach via sister company NFP, including offices throughout North America. There are various Insurance products offered, with a focus on Trade Finance and Large Commercial.

Leveraging the benefits of encryption and security of the blockchain, we are building a technology solution with our partner in Global Supply Chain Management. Offering a solution for sensitive data and back office procedures, this product can improve a project’s overall Environmental and Social compliance.


screenshot 2019-01-15 00.48.12Dope Card is an emerging market fintech providing an alternative banking product to Africa’s unbanked youth. Dope is promoting financial inclusion for university students by making student ID cards double as a bank account and has the support of the Ghana Ministry of Education. Dope Card’s first two addressable markets total 18 million students, working toward a green identity solution.

Expanding into more use case in data tracking and opportunities in product supply chain, Meridian DLT is working with Dispension Industries on integrations to their secure VID kiosk systems. Here we can work towards encrypted information tracking and Smart Contract data distribution.


The Meridian Green Network powers a release of tested and capable code in a containerized and scalable environment, that integrates payment channels, databases, smart contracts, and other technologies

The Meridian blockchain platform is designed from the ground up to ensure it is powered efficiently by clean sources of energy, while harnessing the distributed benefits of transparency and security.