Offset your footprint

Transform your organization's relationship with carbon and find new sustainable avenues of growth

Build Green Products

Design and build sustainable products with neutral, or negative carbon footprints

Track Digital Assets

Manage the life-cycle of your digital assets on a secure, scalable way to reduce the friction involved in the buying, selling, and transferring them


Global Health Standards Org Offsets Travel, Cloud Computing Usage

Meridian worked with a global healthcare standards organization with operations in over 40 countries, who leveraged our carbon insights app to offset their carbon emitting activities like executive team flights, cloud computing usage, and conferences.
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Carbon Neutral Coffee

Meridian worked with a Halifax-based espresso bar and cafe on a pilot to make every cup of coffee sold carbon neutral. During the pilot, we offset over 46 Tonnes of carbon dioxide.
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Carbon Utility Token (CUT)

Meridian worked with the CUT team and owners of renewable energy projects to create a green token created from certified carbon offsets. Since it's launch, CUT has tokenized over 500,000 tonnes of Carbon Offsets from landfill gas and biomass projects in Canada.
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